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AHelper is an innovative manipulator plugin for 3DS Max that transforms how you interact with scenes and object parameters. This powerful tool enables users to adjust, script, and execute actions efficiently through a streamlined, swipe-based interface. Whether you’re scaling an object, tweaking environmental settings, or applying complex modifiers, AHelper ensures every action is just a swipe away. Perfect for 3D artists seeking to enhance productivity and minimize effort, AHelper redefines the ease and speed of 3D modeling and scene management.


AHelper is available at no cost for both commercial and personal projects, providing everyone access to its powerful features. For those looking to unlock even more potential, consider subscribing to our All-in-One (AIO) app. Future versions (1.0+) of the AIO app will include the ability to load and save custom configurations, enhancing your efficiency and customization capabilities. Additionally, we are planing to add for our subscribers AI-driven suggestions, guiding your next actions and streamlining your workflow. 


AHelper for 3ds Max 2021 or newer:

If you want to load and save custom configurations in the upcoming versions of the plugin or support plugin development, you can buy a subscription plan for AvizStudioTools – AIO Application from the link below:

Download & Install

AHelper is available for 3ds Max 2021 and later versions. This plugin can be freely used in both commercial and non-commercial projects. However, please note that reselling or distributing AHelper and any included files is strictly prohibited. Users should be aware that they assume all responsibility for any damages or issues that may arise from using this product.

Download with our AIO app for 3ds Max 2021 or newer:

UI Buttons and Shortcuts:

To assign a keyboard shortcut or toolbar button for the AHelper on/off switch, navigate to the 3ds Max menu and choose: Customize > Customize User Interface… In the “Keyboard” or “Toolbar” tab, select Group: Main UI and Category: AvizStudioTools. Assign a keyboard shortcut to “AHelper” in the “Keyboard” tab or, in the “Toolbar” tab, drag and drop “AHelper” to a new or existing toolbar to create a UI button.



On the left column of the AHelper tool, you will find various categories. These categories are systematically organized to help you navigate through the different aspects of the tool easily. Each category represents a core area of functionality, enabling you to focus on specific tasks such as scene adjustments, object manipulations, or script executions without clutter or confusion.


In the right column of the tool, you can explore various subcategories and actions. This section is tailored to facilitate detailed and specific operations you might need to perform within the selected category. The actions are designed to be straightforward, allowing you to execute complex tasks through simple commands. This setup ensures that you have all the necessary tools at your fingertips, ready to be deployed with just a few clicks.

Seamless Interaction

The dual-column layout of AHelper not only organizes functionalities logically but also streamlines your workflow. By dividing tasks into categories and actions, the tool minimizes the time spent searching for the right command, enabling you to focus more on creative aspects of your project. This thoughtful organization within the AHelper interface ensures an optimal user experience, helping you to execute your design tasks with precision and ease

Tips & Shortcuts

Round Numbers – When you need to finesse numeric values within AHelper, use these modifier keys to round your inputs to various increments:

  • Control Key: Rounds to the nearest whole number, providing clean, integer values.
  • Shift Key: Rounds to the nearest 5, ideal for making substantial yet precise adjustments.
  • Alt Key: Enables rounding to the nearest 0.1, perfect for fine-tuning details.

Go To Root – To quickly jump back to the main category and options, slide any category left or right until it turns red. This gesture takes you directly to the root, saving time and clicks when transitioning between different sections of the tool.