Design and Solutions


This tool is a simple manager for all our smart object. User can select a file or files containing the smart objects, then select one or all of these smart objects and import them into the current 3ds Max scene.

Download & Install

ASmartObjects tool is prat of AvizStudioTools – All In One package that can be downloaded here. You can use this tool only with active subscription, but the max files and the smart objects are available for free download here.

UI & Interface


Files List – Display all 3ds Max files installed with the tool.
Objects List – Display all smart objects found in the selected 3ds Max files.


Import Selected Objects Button – Import selected smart objects in the Objects list.
Select Imported Objects Button – Select all imported smart object with the last import action.
Move To Current View Button – Move all selected objects in the center of the current view-port.

Tips & Shortcuts

Use Double Click – Use double mouse click to quickly import individual objects from the Objects List.
Select Multiple – You can select multiple files or objects by holding Ctrl key on the keyboard.