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Last updated: 6 Jun 2022

What information does Aviz Studio Ltd. collect about you?

Trial/Subscription Versions:

When you activate your Trial or Subscription you need to enter your email to activate the product. We store your activation request, email and computer ID on our servers to identify you when you are using the advanced functions of our plugins and scripts.

We do not collect or send any additional information about you or your system.

Free Versions:

We do not collect or send any personal information with the free version of our tools.

Log Files:

Main AvizSudioTools application is saving the actions and the errors that may occur when using it in a log files in the user’s application folder. These log files are only accessible by the user and are used only when user need feedback in case of problems with the normal operation of the product.

How does Aviz Studio Ltd. disclose your personal data?

We do not share any collected information with third party.

We may only share your data with law enforcement, legal counsel, or other reasonably necessary parties when we have a good faith belief that the disclosure is necessary to prevent or respond to fraud or software piracy.

What are Aviz Studio Ltd. storage and data retention practices?

We store your data and information on our servers. We will retain your data for as long as necessary to provide you with the best user experience using our products. Data may persist in copies made for backup to ensure normal operation of our services.

How to revoke consent and request deletion data?

To revoke consent or request deletion of your data stored on our servers please use the form on this page: