ATree3D v3.01

The new version of ATree3D is available for download.

In this version you can find new Options roll-out with these parameters:

  • Set Memory Allocation: – Set custom memory limit when using the tool.
  • Used megabytes – Set the maximum amount of memory in MB. Use values bigger than 100MB to improve the performance.
  • Auto Garbage Collection – Automatically clean up the memory when working with the tool.
  • Threshold percent – If the free memory is below this percent the Auto Garbage Collection will be executed. When set to 100.0 the function is executed as frequently as possible.
  • Use Undo in Prev/Modify – When on, you can use Ctrl+Z to undo a parameter change in the dialog or the preview. Disable this to improve the performance.
  • Print Log Information – Print log information for the tool’s actions in MAXScript Listener.
  • Save Log Information in a file: – Save log information for the tool’s actions in the file below.