Design and Solutions

ATree3D v3.01

The new version of ATree3D is available for download. In this version you can find new Options roll-out with these parameters: Set Memory Allocation: – Set custom memory limit when using the tool. Used megabytes – Set the maximum amount of memory in MB. Use values bigger than 100MB to improve the performance. Auto Garbage Collection – Automatically…
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ASnapshots Pro

ASnapshots Pro is now available, watch our new video:

ASnapshots v1.00

We’ve just published a New tool for 3ds Max, watch the video demo:

ATree3D v3.00 pb3

New Animation Options for ATree3D Pro

ATiles v2.62

New version 2.62 of ATiles plugin is available for download here. This version has a bug fix for the UI error (unable to convert: undefined to type: String) in a text label in About roll-out of ATiles object.