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When 3ds Max V-Ray recommended ACES workflow will not work and how to FIX it!

Setup & Config First, to start using ACEScg and see the result on your screen, while rendering, you need to download and set up the OCIO config. This is not a difficult task, but you need to download a large file: The recommended archive is 1.9 GB, you can download it from here: Or you…
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Forest Scene with V-Ray 6 and AvizStudioTools

A new short tutorial with some of the new features of V-Ray 6 and AvizStudioTools. In the video you can learn about the new V-Ray Scatter, V-Ray Sun, Sky and Clouds, Chaos Cosmos, AColorManager, A2Dimage and more.

A2Dimage v1.21 – small bug fixes and updates

This new version is now part of AvizStudioTools AIO app and includes small bug fixes and updates. Watch the video below to find out more about it and how you can use it: For more information about the product visit:

AColorManager v2.00 ACEScg converter for V-Ray

With this new version of this tool you can now convert your 3ds Max scenes that use V-Ray renderer to ACEScg workflow. This way you can use The Academy Color Encoding System industry standard for managing color and bring your images to the next level. For more information about the product visit:

ATiles v2.63 with Free Pro Trial

In the new ATiles version 2.63 we fixed some known issues with latest versions of 3ds Max. Previously when you create an object with 3D snap turned on, 3ds Max was not showing visual confirmation of the vertex or grid point that was selected. This issue and the UI alignment of the proprieties of the…
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