Design and Solutions

ATiles v2.63 with Free Pro Trial

In the new ATiles version 2.63 we fixed some known issues with latest versions of 3ds Max. Previously when you create an object with 3D snap turned on, 3ds Max was not showing visual confirmation of the vertex or grid point that was selected. This issue and the UI alignment of the proprieties of the…
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All Our Tools in One Place

Now you can download install and use all our tools for 3ds Max with one single application. You can also try all Pro or Subscription Only versions of these tools for free with a 15 day free trial. After the free trial you can buy one subscription and use all advanced tools with 1 month,…
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Conform To Terrain

We have new smart helper object available for download. Using this object, with a single mouse click, you can conform any spline shape or geometry to a terrain or to other geometry objects. With this object you do not need to install any additional plugins or scripts. Simply merge the objects into your scene, select…
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Block Paving

Our new smart objects are available for download. With these new objects you can apply fast and easy different paving blocks to any polygon in your scene. To use these smart objects you don’t need to install any additional plugins or scripts. First merge the objects into your scene, select one of them, go to…
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ATree3D v3.11

The new version 3.11 of ATree3D is available for download here. This new version fix the error when using noise function with multiple branch shapes.